Become the foster parent you want to be.

Are you a brand new foster parent, or are working to become one?

Does it feel like your foster care training is lacking, or that you’re not getting the support you need?

Are you overwhelmed by parenting advice… but want foster care support from experts and people who understand?

The Fostering Circle can help.

The Fostering Circle is a resource for people across the U.S. who are:

– in the process of becoming foster parents OR

– are new foster parents who are currently fostering



What does the Fostering Circle include?

For just $29/year (less than a fancy streaming service), you get: 


  • 20+ recorded training sessions to help you expand your skill set and become more confident in your role as a foster parent
  • Access to age-based child care education
  • Training from experts on situations that come up in your everyday life
  • Downloads and printable templates to help you organize your expanding family

Get the foster care support + resources you need for less than $30/year.

Join our private community now!

The Four Pillars of the Fostering Circle

Our membership isn’t just a generic library of foster care resources, nor is it a state-specific training for foster care. Instead, we create and collaborate with experts to share education and actionable training on our four pillars: Adjust, Attach, Advocate, Amplify.

Our membership isn’t just a generic library of foster care resources.


We can’t just jump into foster care, we have to prepare physically and emotionally for foster care.


Questions to discuss beforehand


Home study checklist


Amazon checklist


Preparing your marriage


Preparing your kids


Attachment and connection are a vital part of foster parenting, and our experts teach you how.


Understanding temperaments


Creating routines


best sleep practices


Emotional regulating strategies


behavior chart templates


You are your foster child’s best advocate at school and at home, and we show you how to help them thrive.


toddler and child nutrition


understanding iep's


communicating with teachers


helping your kids academically


finding mentors for your kids


There’s much more to foster parenting than just routines, and our experts will show you how to care for the whole child.


self-care strategies for parents


caring for ethnic hair


communication boosters


occupational therapy tips


connecting with your kids


and more!

No more unsolicited advice from well-meaning friends.

Learn from foster care parents & real experts.

Becoming a new foster parent can be overwhelming, and it’s not always easy finding trustworthy online sources for foster care education. You might also find that some of the parenting advice and resources out there don’t always apply to the unique challenges of caring for a foster child.

With the Fostering Circle, you can expect to learn from experts on a variety of child care subjects like communication, nutrition, and sleep management. Plus, you’ll get a community of couples and families who are on the same path as you.

Our Experts

Here are just a few of the foster care experts you can expect to learn from inside the Fostering Circle monthly membership:


Kathleen Edelman, Certified Life Coach and Licensed Temperament Counselor


Leah Hackney, RD, LD, CSP


Danielle Bettmann, Parenting Coach


Rachael Renje, Special Education Teacher


Leigh McMahon, Certified Sleep Consultant


Dr. Lisa Lewis, MD, pediatrician

How can you access Fostering Circle expert resources?

Some expert resources will exist in our Fostering Circle library, and each month, a new training will be added to the library. 

There are nearly two dozen experts and foster care parents who’ve contributed to the Fostering Circle, and we’re continually connecting with more experts. By combining trained experts and veteran foster parents, we hope to help YOU be the best and most prepared foster parent you can be. 

Hi, we’re Jess and Aaron!

During our time as foster parents, we realized that there are a lot of gaps in state-led foster care education, and even in ongoing education through agencies. You might be told what to do and why to do something as a foster parent… but you’re not given actionable advice on how to actually do it.

That’s why we created the Fostering Circle. We may not be able to foster any more, but we believe in the power of foster care and the impact it can have on children, families, and communities. 

So, we want to provide support and resources that we know we needed when we first started.

Why join The Circle?

—> Become the foster parent you want to be.

—> Find support in the foster parent community.

—> Gain access to ongoing foster parent resources + expert advice.

Join the Fostering Circle now for just $29/year!

This community is a low financial commitment because we all know that you’re not a foster care parent to make money. Because we love foster care and believe in how it can change a child’s life, we want to make this as accessible as possible for YOU.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the membership?

Your $29/year fee gives you access to resources and updates for one full year.

Keep in mind that you do lose access to the resources and community if you cancel.

What am I actually getting?

You’ll have our full Fostering Circle library of workshop trainings and resources. 

Can I join if I'm not "new" to fostering?

Yes! Any foster parents are welcome.

Are these trainings applicable to any state?

Yes! These trainings and resources apply to any foster, regardless of what state you live in. We’re providing parenting, communication, and educational support that is not state-specific.