Helping you become the foster parent you want to be

Many foster parents face “foster burn out” within just their first year. The Fostering Circle wants to help ease that tension and build happier, healthier, longer-lasting foster families for the benefit of foster children.

Bringing practical teaching to new foster parents to help families thrive.

Fostering requires a new and different type of parenting.

There is so much to learn, regardless of how much previous experience you have.

You have probably heard that it “it takes a village” and The Fostering Circle is here to be part of that village.

How we help

01. Adjust

Make adjustments and prepare your home before you get your first placement. 


Preparing your marriage


Preparing your kids


Prep checklists

02. Attach

An important first step with every new placement is the attachment phase.


Creating routines


Sleep coaching


Regulating emotions

03. Advocate

As you work to find a new normal, learn the best ways to advocate for their needs.


Nutrition training


Academic support


Finding mentors

what we offer

There are many ways to help a foster child thrive.

Unfortunately, much of the education available to foster parents does not give tangible steps and strategies to help foster families adjust.

We fill in the missing puzzle pieces to help new(er) foster parents become the happy, healthy foster family you want to be.

You’ll get:


workshops from guest experts


parenting techniques


self-care strategies


behavior chart templates


resource lists


Invest in your child’s life. Invest in your own life.

Join our online community for a small investment of $29/year.

Our 20+ trainings are applicable for any foster parent, in any state.